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1947 - 1967

The Signal Years

On 1st May, 1947, the Territorial Army was reborn and the Kensingtons were given a unique and intriguing role as "Phantom." the only unit of its kind in the British Army. "Phantom" was a creation of the last war and its task is to provide the Army Commander with accurate information as to the dispositions and activities of the formations under his command. The Regiment became part of the Royal Corps of Signals, with the title "Army Phantom Signal Regiment (Princess Louise's Kensington Regiment}," with permission to wear Kensington badges and buttons and to carry its Colours.

A nucleus of pre-war and war-time officers and other ranks rejoined, facing an entirely new role and the mastery of strange equipment. Strength was added by a few ex-Phantoms and Royal Signals recruits. In November, 1947, the Regiment paraded at Saint Mary Abbot Church to receive back tile Colours laid up in 1939.

Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal, Colonel-in-Chief, The Royal Corps of Signals, attended headquarters on 8th May, 1948, to unveil the 1939-45 Regimental War Memorial; it was twenty-seven years to the day since her great-aunt, Princess Louise, undertook a similar duty for the 1914-18 War Memorial. So runs the thread of history. In 1950 the first National Service men reported for their three and a half years' continuation training. Although this brought Territorial Army units up to strength it had an adverse effect on the volunteer spirit, and Territorials were glad to see the end of the system in 1957 and a reversion to volunteer recruiting.

A new landmark for the Regiment was reached in 1951 when the Royal Borough of Kensington readopted Princess Louise's (the original adoption was in 1905), whilst in 1953 the Regiment (assisted by some detachments from other London Territorial Army Regiments) provided liaison and communications for the Coronation Procession of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II A great Coronation Dinner and Ball was held at the Park Lane Hotel, which proved an outstanding event in our history. In 1954 the Regiment went to Germany instead of the normal Home Training Camp, to participate in the biggest Army Exercise held since the war. This training proved of inestimable value in following years.

Eighteen Battle Honours were awarded the Regiment in 1957 in respect of the Second Great War. Those printed in red above being the ten selected for emblazoning onto the Colours.

1958 saw the Golden Jubilee of the Territorial Army; the Regiment was represented at the great review in Hyde Park held by Her Majesty The Queen, and also at the Territorial Pageant at the Duke of York's Headquarters, Chelsea. HRH The Princess Royal - the sister of King George VI - graciously consented to attend the Regiment's own Centenary Service in October, 1959.