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Captain (QM) A. Ridley, the then Quartermaster suggested, after consultation with the CO, Lt. Col. F.G. Lewis TD,  the immediate formation of an Old Comrades Association – there being some 1600 past and present members of the regiment who could aid recruiting. Permission was obtained from the Territorial Force Association in March. Arrangements were put in hand, and a successful initial dinner was held at the Clarendon restaurant in Hammersmith on 11th June 1914. The small matter of a war did not delay the work of the Association. The CO allowed the QM to return to London from France where he addressed the 2nd and 3rd Bns in training. By the end of 1914 over £1000 had been raised. At the end of the war the 2nd Bn were Garrison troops in the Canal Zone, Egypt. When they returned to England for demobilisation in 1919 the canteen profits were sent back to London – approx. £2000 and this formed the nucleus of the Charitable Trust Fund.

The Association still holds an Annual Dinner to which all ranks are invited – retired and still serving. The membership probably reached in excess of 2000 in the early 1950s when there still a substantial number of WW 1 veterans about together with the WW 2 soldiers. When the regiment as reduced to one active squadron in 1967 the numbers in the Association started to drop as there were far fewer numbers eligible to join. This same year the words Old Comrades were dropped from the title, and the name became:


Currently (2017) there are approx. 210 members, world wide, receiving the Association’s Journal annually.

1914 Formed