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These words appeared as an editorial for the first publication, in December 1918, of the Association Journal “The Kensingtonian”.

The thoughts and aspirations of those soldiers still apply to the present Association.

“This is we understand, the first venture of a literary nature, that has yet been promoted in the “ Kensingtons”.  

The idea of a Regimental Magazine however is far from new, in fact in many Battalions, it has been a long standing feature of the social organization. It is clearly evident also that the far reaching possibilities of such a journal could be applied as a means of placing before the Administrative Department of the Battalion many helpful suggestions for removing just and often long standing grievances. Furthermore it is a most practical medium for destroying much of that clannishness which unfortunately exists, and encouraging the exchange of ideas, a closer social link between the respective companies, and finally help to foster in the Battalion that    “ Goodwill ” towards all men, that one inseparably associates with the advent of Christmas.

We intend to make “The Kensingtonian” Catholic in the sense that it will embrace all topics, including Literature, Music and the Drama, and interesting articles on vital issues that confront us. Athletics and Games will be dealt, with very fully by our Special Correspondent and we intend to take a very active lead in furthering the development of interest in all forms of Sport. We urge that our readers should take advantage of our Debating Column, and freely express their opinions through our pages, and whilst being entirely irresponsible for any ideas expressed, we shall yet endeavour to be helpful as far as possible, with criticism and advice.

To the Officers and Warrant Officers of the Battalion we are deeply grateful for appreciation, sympathy and whole hearted support at a most needed time. If there is any time when the new idea requires kind and sympathetic treatment, it is when, young and friendless, it enters a strange and critical world. As such we entered the daily life of the Battalion, and to those whom we have mentioned above, our Guiding Star and Bock of Refuge in days of trial and uncertainty we express our heartfelt thanks. This number has been kept as far as possible a Seasonable Christmas number and in publishing it we ask for your friendly criticism and whole hearted support.”

Every September, since 2003, members of the Association have visited Le Havre to join the French people in honouring those who lost their lives in the relief of  Le Havre. Particularly to those in Fontaine-La-Mallet where, after the town was all but demolished by the RAF,  56 Division, with attached units of the Princess Louise’s Kensington Regt, relieved the town.  Go to Galleries.